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The PORSCHE brand stands for dynamic, sporty driving fun, and thus represents one of the few "freedoms" that are still available to us in the modern world today. Among the PORSCHE friends, the 911 series launched in 1963 is the prototype of a sports car. Intrusive engine sound - whether in the Targa, convertible, coupé or roadster - combines here the "feeling" of the racing with the elegance of the unique 911 Carrera body. Further interesting background information can be found under the heading "Porsche Mythos".


At Crisfoss GmbH, at the beginning of our company foundation, PORSCHE's enthusiasts around the world were able to offer a cost-effective alternative with Porsche used spare parts for their restoration projects. In the meantime, we have established a good worldwide network of Porsche workshops, specialized restoration companies and customers and are the contact person when it comes to Porsche spare parts and restoration. The 911 series includes the following models: Porsche 964, Porsche 993, Porsche 996, Porsche 997 and Porsche 991.



Used Porsche spare parts


On our online eBay-Shop we offer Porsche used spare parts. The section Ebay-shop is directly linked. Here are used spare parts of the model range 996 and all other common model series available. If you cannot find a specific spare part, you can also contact us directly. In our warehouse, we carry additional parts which we offer for telephone inquiries or in the suburban sales.



New Porsche spare parts


On our own online shop, you will find our Porsche new parts range. The Shop section will take you directly to it. Here you find new spare parts of the F-Modell, G-Modell, 964, 993, 996 and 997 series. Please contact us if you need different spare part.



Paint stripping

As a new service, we offer paint stripping of car bodies and vehicle parts.


The Crisfoss Porsche spare parts range


1. Chassis: Chassis parts, door, door lock, side part, bonnet, tailgate, trim as well as tailor made cuts of chassis parts
2. Motor: complete motor or motor parts e.g. camshaft, piston, connecting rod, cooling system
3. Gear box
4. Driving system: e.g. shock absorbers, chassis spring, wheel suspension
5. Steering: e.g. steering wheel, leather steering wheel, steering gear, wishbone, steering column, steering rod
6. Brake systems: e.g. complete brake systems, brake shoes, brake booster, brake discs, brake saddle, brake pedal
7. Rim: e.g. 16, 17, 18, 19 inch rims, fox rims
8. Seats: e.g. leather seat, sports seat, front seat, back seat, emergency seat
9. Lighting: e.g. headlights, brackets, xenon headlights
10. Electricity / safety: e.g. battery, alternator, sensors, airbag, seat belt
11. Exhaust system: e.g. exhaust, sports exhaust, tailpipes, catalytic converter
12. Filter systems: e.g. air filter, interior filter, fuel filter
13. Heating / air conditioning: e.g. climate control, air conditioning, heated seats


The Crisfoss product range: high-quality, used Porsche spare parts with entry check.